Why is it okay for our leaders to suspend the laws that govern them, and at the same time, ignore the laws that protect us?

Have our leaders become corrupt? Are the D.A.’s more interested in convictions than in finding the truth? Does the dollar remain more important than justice? Or is this all our fault, guilty of being “asleep in the light”?

 It is easy to let the PTB assume ownership of everything, indeed we Americans are brought up with ideas like “cheating on your taxes”, as if denying the local protection racket of their percentage could ever be a bad thing. Let's first get something straight...Robin Hood never stole from the rich to give to the poor...he was a protester of ILLEGAL TAXATION and government corruption!!!

A Pirate, through and through!

The first pirate movie I ever saw...”Captain Blood” [1935].

The first image ever melted into my brain was that of the Judge, sentencing our hero: “My instructions to the jury are this....find him guilty”! Nothing has changed...Judges still honestly believe they have the authority to tell juries what to think. To me, this seems like treason of the worst kind. It is, however very simple to fix..with Fully Informed Juries. If you don't know what those are, stop right now and google the Fully Informed Jury Association.

Fully informed juries are how we, the people, stopped the witch trials. We lagged, so now the witch trials are back, in the form of the war on drugs, terror, poverty, illiteracy, et al. The other area where we slept while the thieves took our country is in the area of elections. You probably haven't been told, but there is a national lawsuit, with 3 plaintiffs in each and every state, to restore verifiable, paper ballots, counted only in public view...now how could ANYONE be against this? But every State is! Join the fight to have your vote be counted...This is also the same group of people that are demanding the Supreme court define, for the first time in history, what the last nine words in the first amendment mean (betcha don't even know what they are, do you?)

When asked if I am a tax protester, I prefer to say I am a protester of illegal taxation. Legal taxation has its place, indeed, most would call it a “necessary evil” I would argue there is no evil that is necessary. If a group of people wants a road through town, or even national defense, I have no problem with there being a “tax” they can all put into, the problem arises when do-gooding psychopaths think that extortion is okay, as long as society as a whole benefits. They are always happy to put YOUR money to good use. This has nothing to do with illegal taxation...where You become liable for MY taxes. Every person, especially every American should know the difference between “direct” and “indirect” taxation and “apportioned” vs. “unapportioned”. If you don't know at least this, there is no way you could ever argue intelligently about taxation. (you're on the web...look them up!)

The Constitution of the United Stated prohibits any direct tax that is not apportioned.

That makes the income tax, as you and I know it, ILLEGAL, and any one that has a hand in it is breaking the law. The Supreme court, whose job it is to define the Constitution, has on several occasions defined “income” as “...gain or increase arising from corporate activities”. [Doyle v. Mitchell Brothers Co. 247 U.S. 179, 185, 38 S. Ct. 467 (1918)] How much of that did you have last year?

Then there is the issue of the 16th amendment itself, being never properly ratified. Don't take anyone’s' word for this...go down to your state capital and look up the public record of the vote your state took on that day in 1911. I did that for California and found it did in fact pass it by a vote of 31 to 0. However, committed no less than 5 violations of the ratification process in doing so. (and yes, doing it the right way matters!) My new home state of Wyoming, on Feb 3, 1913 passed it 25 to 2, but they committed more like 10 violations, including changing “as” to “by” and deleting the odd coma here and there.

What does all this mean? It all boils down to “Rex Lex” or “Lex Rex”: either the The Law is King, or The King is Law. Either we are all bound to the law, even [and especially] our leaders, or the Powers That Be [PTB] get to make up laws that only us peasants are required to follow, while they go on their merry way raping, pillaging and destroying.

Still think I’m crazy? A nutball that doesn’t play well with others? An anarchist that refuses to pay his “fair share”? None of that means I’m not correct in my assumptions.

Here are 500 simple questions our leaders refuse to answer, like “how do I fill out a tax form without waiving my 4th and 5th amendment rights?” If you know the answer to this, I’ll give you $10,000.

For real (the actual reward is $300,000!)

----------My path to freedom-----------

Ever since I can remember, I thought there was something wrong with me. I never thought my teachers had my best interest in mind, never liked saying the pledge of allegiance, always hated church, never thought cops were my friends, and knew I was being lied to when told “only stupid people go to woodshop” . I also remember that sinking feeling I had after seeing a substantial portion of my first paycheck being stolen by people I knew to be liars.

I began to find answers at Bible College. Not because of Bible College, but because the folks at Bible College told me where not to look...specifically at one Dr Gene Scott. These boneheads couldn't agree on the age of the Earth to within a trillion years, but they all agreed Dr Gene Scott was bad, Mkay? Even people that I knew for a fact had never listened to him, hated him...sort of the Rush Limbagh of the 1980s. I’ll bet if you’ve heard his name, or recognize his face, you’ve already decided that he is a nutball, and probably never listened to any of his teachings for more than a sound byte. So I started listening, at first just to get under the skin of those hypocrites. But then something wonderful began to happen as I listened to this nutball who wore a tie around his head and 3 pairs of glasses stacked on his nose while chomping on a cigar and yelling about pissants. Not only did I start to see the real persona of Jesus and Paul, but I started to connect things. What does HAARP have to do with the great Pyramid? Church history with leaf eating ants? Spiritual pride with U.F.O.s? Home schooling with the Earth's pre-flood canopy?

Soon phrases like “One never knows, do one?”, “We'll see, wont we?” and “Am I boring you?” became part of my regular thought process. I saw how God works. I saw, for the first time in my life, courage and tenacity, as not only necessary and prerequisite qualities for what Watchman Nee would call “The Normal Christian Life” but how those qualities held the meaning of life. More on this in Faith, Fear & Freedom. Dr Gene Scott was our last great Christian apologist, in an age that is completely free of evangelical minds.


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