7s. Super 7s. & Super Duper 7s

The Gallery on the next page is HUGE...100s of pics that may take a while for your computer do digest.
It does chronicle two complete cars, from sticks of tube to complete running vehicles, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

With a dsl or cable connection, it may take several minutes to load, and the show, at 5 seconds a picture, will take 15 minutes to play. Dial up means a long wait...sorry Duane!

You will need the flash plugin, and to turn ON popups if you want to view full screen (recommended). You can set the time per pic, size of pic, and the volume of background music

"it's only a model"


Me, at the top of Casper Mountain, overlooking my beautiful new hometown!

I can't get this damn smile off my face!

"wanna go for a ride?"

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