Don't Shoot the Bastards...Yet

“Old men, covered in blood; it never touched them, but they're drowning in it”

River Tam, Serenity

“Those that would make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”


“We live in a unique time, it is far too late to work within the system, and too early to start shooting the bastards”

Claire Wolfe

We owe it to ourselves and our children to fix these problems, and violence will never do that, violence only gets the next dictator in, and nobody wants that (except the next dictator!) Violence may be a proper response to violence, indeed it will be the only way to stay out of the work or re-education camps [we've had them before, and it is naive to think we won’t have them again...], but until that time, there are still plenty of courses of action available to us. Don't waste your time writing letters to your congresscritter, nobody ever willingly quits their job (well, almost never, see Joe Banister and Sherry Jackson) but share this info with your friends and neighbors, perhaps your local IRS agent.

Don't argue to win, argue to learn... why do these people believe what they believe? Why did you? Remember, however, the parable of the sower, not everyone is called, [and Jesus said, if you don't understand this, you won’t understand anything else he has to say] BTW, Jesus said to always mention the hooker that washed his feet and since most churches don't, I mention her here.

“Let’s admit America gets the celebrities we deserve…

The only reason you're still alive is because someone has decided to let you live

We owe so much money we're not broke we're broken

We're so poor we can't even pay attention

So what do you want?

You want to be famous and rich and happy

But you're terrified you have nothing to offer this world

Nothing to say and no way to say it

But you can say it in three languages

You are more than the sum of what you consume

Desire is not an occupation

You are alternately thrilled and desperate; Skyhigh and fucked

Let's stop praying for someone to save us and start saving ourselves

Let's stop all this and start over…Let's go out - Let's keep going”

KMFDM, Dogma

So.. what can we do?

Start with watching a few good movies, you can do that right?

Captain Blood 1935

Robin Hood 1938 and Danny Webb 1991 … NOT 1973 or Kevin C1991

The Fountainhead 1945

Then, for a more modern take…

The Matrix 1999

V for Vendetta 2005

Serenity 2005

Then maybe a few good tv shows:

The Prisoner 1967

Firefly 2002

Babylon 5 1994-1999

Millennium-Jose Chungs Doomsday Defense [episode 209] 1998

Millennium-Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me 1998

Along the way, keep your eyes open for some more obscure movies:

Brazil 1985 [greatest movie ever!!]

Peter and Paul 1981

Harry’s War 1986

They Live 1988

Monty Pythons Meaning of Life 1983

Eventually, your mind will be pried open enough to “handle the truth”!

America, From Freedom to Fascism 2006

911 In Plane Sight 2006

Beyond Treason 2005

[all these movies are available FOR FREE on youtube or Google]

Then you can also read some good books…

Claire Wolfe [best author, ever!] I Am Not a Number!

The State vs. The People

179 Things to do ‘Till The Revolution

Don’t Shoot The Bastards…Yet

Boston T Party Molon Labe

[I’d need another websight to keep going this way…find your preference, sci-fi., western, romance, action, there are lots of good choices out there]

Eventually, you will most likely get to a point where you have to actually DO something…I had to move to Wyoming because it is the freest state in the union, but you may find it freer in Washington or New Hampshire. Then start applying the last 2 lines in the KMFDM song above; get to know your local IRS agent, or watch the local judges. Start a Meetup for Ron Paul, donate some America:FFTF DVDs to the library. Drive your new Seven to the hotrod club!


This is the best PLAN OF ACTION I have ever come across...check it out and see if you agree...

“Declare independence; don’t let them do that to you

Damn colonists, Ignore their patronizing

Tear off their blindfolds, Open their eyes”

Bjork, [best singer/songwriter, ever!] Declare Independence

above all...

Realize that you are not alone!

“I’ve learned to appreciate the preposterousness of any profundity. And in my distress I aim to find the smallest, most absurd detail, as if God were winking at me and letting me in on the joke.

…And if I should look up from my downbeat abyss and find you to be a fool…that’s no right to commit upon me a foolish act.”

Jose Chung, Millennium, 1998