One of our current projects involves putting a Daimler V8 drivetrain in a Centaur! (Where there’s a will, there’s a way!). Next project looks like it may be something a little wider in the fat-ass department, but also moving the driver & passenger forward enough to accommodate a FWD drivetrain driving the rear wheels, like the MR2 and, of course, the Atom. (besides, that is what the junkyards are full of now!) We are also looking into making an Electric 7, but parts still seem pricey. If one were more interested in economy than 0-60 times, a small [say 10-20 HP] motor could easily power this 1200# car to 100 mpg! Other ideas center around a light, swoopy body something like this:

We are in the "almost there" stages of making fiberglass artwork for Ford, including the Cobra and the Mustang

These are available right now through The Ford Collection