You can contact us through this website at


don't you hate it when those big corporate websites don't give you a real address or phone #!)

Our new (as of 9/06) mailing address is

301 Thelma Drive #409, Casper, WY 82609
And our phone number is 307-262-3799

Feel free to mail or call to discuss freedom, religious or tax issues, Ron Paul, Super Sevens, or cars in general, or if you have an idea you are trying to get off the ground.

The We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education; Creators of the National Clean Election Lawsuit and The Peoples Right To Petition For Redress Of Grievance Lawsuit

Freedom Law School; Have you finally made the decision to do the right thing and STOP FILING? It would sure help to have someone on your side to navigate the minefield! This is also the place to go to collect your $300,000 reward for proving me wrong.

Joe Banister and Sherry Jackson are former IRS agents who asked the question “Where IS the law?” and have paid dearly for their convictions

Ed & Elaine Brown, two of the most courageous people on the planet, true patriots, who challenged the IRS, now sitting in jail, convicted of violating a penalty clause!

Marshal Fritz' Separation of School and State Alliance; Education's only hope

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition; Current & former DEA agents sick of the drug war, and its cost in human suffering and government corruption.

The Fully Informed Jury Association, along with Jail for Judges could easily wipe out the corruption in our “legal” system by simply restoring common sense and reminding people where power comes from in this country.

Back when we started building Super Sevens, information was VERY difficult to come across…there was no internet in 1987 to speak of, and no WWW at all! Obviously, this isn’t the case anymore, but here are a few good Seven links to start off with…

My first search on the internet was for Burningman…back when only a few thousand people showed up, none of which were drunken frat-boys!

Nowadays, though, I’m thinking Speedweek would be a lot more fun!

Last, but certainly not least, if one were serious about learning about faith, and not only what the Bible is all about, but how we got it, go to see my Number One Hero

Oh, and if all this seems like martians in the whitehouse to you, you can take your blue pill and visit a website of conformity and cowardice at quatloos

             and now for a brief musical interlude:

The Horrorpops    kick some serious upright bass ASS!!  (Hi, Patricia!)

Wax Apples from Long Beach, CA (hi, Jamie!)

and Casper's Hottest Punk Band...The Front

(Hi Lauren!)